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The Grass Roots Dance Theatre Inc., was Founded in 1986 by Ms. Felicia Spears, Executive Artistic Director and became a Unincorporated Corporation for years.  In 1992 we became a Non-Profit Corporation under the California State Rule of Education; California Section Code 23701d, and has been operating under the Federal Rule 501 (c)3 for Charitable purposes.  In 1994 The G.R.D.T migrated to Riverside County where our Executive Office and Dance Studio resides in Mead Valley in the City of Perris California.  We also have a Los Angeles,  Chapter for Board Meetings, and Wardrobe.

Please Mail to G.R.D.T At: 21900 pinewood street  Perris, California 92570     



Grass Roots has invited  several Professional Community Artist with extensive performance background in Dance, Drum-Percussion Education, Poetry, and Theater; to perform throughout  the State of California. The Grass Roots Artist has shared their talents to the world as well as to our At Risk Youths in our Community.

Our organization presents to the general public a flair of excitement  of Performance Arts Entertainment of West African Dancing and Drumming.  Various styles and techniques :

At our Communities Requests, our Organization will Taylor  performances for your events, weddings, private parties, reunions, company picnics, business meetings and seminars.....

The Grass Roots Dance Theatre Inc., has presented Performances for public Schools, Colleges, Universities, Seminars, Large Cultural Festivals,Organizations, Businesses and Clubs. In addition, we provides the following events for: Facility Seminars, Cultural Assemblies for African History Month, Mothers Day Breakfasts-Dinners, other Holidays, Specials Events Presentations, Dance/Drums Workshops, Grand Opening for Business, Fundraisers,  After-School Programs for youths and children presenting dance classes, drum workshops, performance classes, arts /crafts workshops, and custom making classes. 


During these special times our Directors decided to develop more programs and artistic projects for children and youths who were At-Risk and from Low to Moderate Income Families.

Our Executive Artistic  Director, Felicia Spears, has developed and implemented a program entitled: Arts Advocacy for at Risk Youths and Arts As a Means of Healing Performance Arts Workshop.


( left): is De'Anglo Clark Principal Dancer and Actor .

These programs is a Multi-Disciplinary Performance Arts Workshop where youth are able to perform on stage with Professional Artists, develop choreography of their own under the directions of our instructors, make costumes and masque making, write their own poems, rap lyrics, and learn about other scholars and poets.  The workshop requires extensive rehearsals and dance training where our youths and children must enroll in a dance class per week.  Our Organization provides the majority of all costumes and head dress, all instruments, drums, and percussion for our children to utilize at no charge. Ms. Felicia Spears, our director collects old Tap Shoes, and Ballet Shoes so that her students would have shoes to practice and wear during dance classes and rehearsals.  Ms. Spears encourage community members to donate old tap shoes or ballet shoes.  At times our Director visits all the Thrift Store  and Good Wills in search of old dance shoes to purchase for her students who can't really afford dance shoes. ___________________________________________

After School Workshops 

Grass Roots Dance Theatre Dance Instructors, Drummers, or Poets will visit your school weekly, and as planned various dance classes will take place  for your schools After School Activities.  More than one class may be offered.  Time slips are filled out each time an Artist Visits and Artists are paid at the end of the month by the school district.  The site is also supervised by our directors, and also contracts must be completed before the project starts.  The best time to plan activities must start before  the next school year.

Arts Advocacy for at risk Youths-Arts As a Means of Healing.

 Drum Workshops:

 Our Drum workshops consist of various styles of Drums such a the Djemba Drum, Dun Jun, Congas and many other percussion from the Mali Empire of West Africa, Cuba, and Brazil. Our students will get familiar with the all percussion and their role in an complete percussion ensemble.  They will learn about the history and folklore of the instrument as well as learn how to perform with the percussion's and play for the dancers.

Community Service Volunteer Program:

The Volunteer Program has been taken place for many years for our organizations. This program are for Adults who have Alternative Sentencing activity that must be completed or Adults whom would like to just make a difference in society or need more resent work experience.  Second, Adults who are attending College or Universities who wish to apply for Scholarships should apply. In addition, Youths who have been sentenced to complete volunteer service from the Juvenal Probation Department. Youths who attend Middle School or High School whom are required to complete Volunteer Services/Community Service Program for graduation requirements can apply.  Please see our Volunteer Program tab.

The Community Service we provide are assistance for the Dance Theater such as office/dance studio organization and janitorial service, costume inventory and repair, office assistance, webpage, computer tasks, promotions, and marketing.  Performances:  Stage Production Assist, Stage Crew and Tech Assist, Wardrobe Crew, Landscaping, Gardening and Weed Abatement and Clean Up Crew. Assistance for the elderly and the disabled. Youth Activity Leader, Youth Program Promotions and Field Trips Assistance.

Special Skills assistance are based of adults professions.

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