Dance is 4 Life

                           TINY TOTS AGES 3-5  CLASSES  2017

 Dance Classes for Tiny Tots ages 3-5 are design to  develop creative awareness, sensory and expressions .  Students at this per-school level will learn dance and  rhythm fundamentals using African drums, rattles, shakers and bells. Also general children songs. Students at the per-school level will learn locomotive movements using dance progression (movement across the floor). Ballet Bare work utilizing and understanding the difference in point and flex, relieve', plea',  high and low, big and small, right and left as well as learning dance  terminology and how to take a dance class and use the ballet bare. Our Tiny Tots will learn various stretches in center floor, exploring space by turning and jumping, utilizing what they have learned at the bare . Tap dance bare work and center floor combinations.  Improvisation/creative movement allows the student to explore dance through free expressions and movement of their own.


Our youth classes consist of various dance styles that include the following:

Ballet dance techniques, bare, stretches, center floor and routines.

Tap bare, center floor combination routines, turns in tap and progressions(movement across the floor).

Jazz movements  technique that involve choreography, jazz turns, leaps, and jumps.

Modern dance techniques that involve a mixture of Merce Cunningham Tech, Dunham Tech, Graham, Lemon, and Horton Tech.

Hip Hop street dance technique and choreography.

West African dance style from the Mali Empire .