Dance is 4 Life

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Our Organization would Like to Thank all of our Sponsors for making it possible to create and develop our programs, children workshops, after school programs, summer camps and of course our performances. Your contributions will assist  in providing costumes, educational aids, musical instruments, percussions and dance supplies for our at risk youths and children. Contributions, has also provided office supplies and  equipment, stage and production equipment in order to make it possible to educate our youths and the general public about the arts. 

Contributions support children and yoths who are at risk from low to moderate income familys. The purpose is to assist  children who are latch key-home alone, at risk in gang violance and street activity with the efforts to avoid negative activities and to encourage our youths to become productive members in our society.


Director Felicia Spears leading an Audience Participation of a School Assembly.....



  • Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
  • J Paul Getty Arts Funds
  • Los Angeles Community Foundation
  • AT & T
  • Edison International Employee Contributions
  •  Maynard Spears Jr. Private Contribution
  • Los Angeles Recovery Art Fund 
  • The Community of Los Angeles and Riverside
  • Directors Funds 



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