Dance is 4 Life

    DANCE IS FOR LIFE!                                         
THE GRASS ROOTS DANCE THEATRE INC., soul  mission is to increase interest in the dance field through Cultural Presentations and Classes, such  as: Lyrical Movements, Ballet, Performance Works shops including Theater.  Our mission includes instilling Dance Educational After School Programs for Youths, and Children Performing  Arts Workshops. Our Organization has been providing an understanding of  the break-down of Culture and the Art of Dance Theatre Expressions. The ability of Presenting Professional Performances to the world through vehicles such as the Media, World Wide Web, News Paper, and Public Performances. Our mission  is to explore  dance movement  through; the expressions of the drum language,  for the purposes of refining and experimentation with various techniques in West African Dance, Modern Dance, and historical Jazz Dance Movements. Creating Choreography is very important to the Performer  as well as the audience. Sharing choreography by collaborating movements that tells a story of folklore and History. Our organization  and Artists believe that the youths of our grass roots community regardless of race are entitled to opportunities for growth and development, so they can realize their fullest potential and emerge as productive members of society.
  • Executive Director (left ) Felicia Spears, and President (right) Deborah Daily.
Our programs are organized to educate our multicultural and interracial communities about the arts, including culture; with presentations of importance and sophistication that they will be  recognized for fostering an attitude of enlightenment, brotherhood, and tolerance in these " Chaotic Times." Our Corporation believes that Ignorance breeds ignorance, and it is our artistic mission  and goal to help alleviate this crippling spirits.
  • Deborah Daily (left) 
  • Kenneth, (center),
  • Felicia Spears (right)
  • Natifis ( back center), 
  • Na Na Yaw Asirdu, Master Drummer (back right).


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