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2016     Open registration for Tiny Tots Classes, Adult Dance/Shape up Classes

Tiny Tots Classes                                              Ages: 3-5                                     Mondays: 5:00-5:45   pm.

                                                                                                                                     Saturdays: 1:30-2:15 pm. 

Adult Dances/Shape up                                   Ages: 17-up                                Saturdays : 3:00-4:30 pm.


Youths Classes                                                  Ages:  6-16                                  Classes starts  May   2016

Performance History 


                                                             (SHOW AND TELL) PERFORMANCE

                                                                             AUGUST 29, 2015 

                                                                               Perris, California


 Ascension Catholic Church  Directed by Donna Evans and Ilergra Evans    

 Black History Month                                      2012-2015

West African Drum and Dance Presentation. 

 Los Angeles, California


Dubois Institute :  Directed by Dr. E.M. Abdulmumin and Dr. Razyya Abdulmumin -2060 University Ave. Riverside, California 92507 Suite 102.


  •                Rites of Passage for boys Program                                                   2013
  •                 Kwanzaa Program                                                                                2014 
All Performances consisted of West African Drum and Dance including Masquerade performance.








These  Performances were design to educate our children and the communities about dance, in the Performance Arts behind the scenes.  Children and Youths has a opportunity to explore Dance Theater, Choreography, Music, Drum, Stage Direction, and many more......Since our youth programs which was started in 1991 our performances took place as follows:

  • African History Celebration in Los Angeles California-(Ascension Catholic Church) 2010
  •  Christmas Party for Foster Children-Palm Springs  Youth Workshop Performance(Family Health and Support Network Inc.) 2009

  • Arts Advocacy for at risk Youths Performance workshops:

  • 2009-2008-2007-2006-2005-2004-2003-2002-2001-2000-91
  • Spears Family Reunion in Perris California Professional / Youths Performance 2008
  • California Baptist University; Health Awareness Performance:2008
  • African History Celebration in Los Angeles California-(Ascension Catholic Church)2009-2008-2007-2006-2005-2004-2003)
  • Private Parties Celebration Performance-Multi Performance Donna Evans 2008
  • Moreno Valley Senior Center African History Month-(Professional Performance)-2008
  • Riverside County Orange Blossom Festival-West African Youths/Professional Performance 2008
  • Val Verde School District: Assembly at Thomas Rivera Middle School   (Professional Performance) 2007
  • Riverside School District: After School Programs: (Professional Performance) 2004-2005-2006-2007
  • Val Verde School District: After School Program Youth Performance Oleander Elementary School 2004-2003

  • Riverside Arts Council Prime Time & Arts In Minds Professional Artist -After School Program Youths  2003-2007
  • Church Performance in Compton California Community Festival  (Youth Performance) 2006
  • Val Verde School District: After School Program Youth Performance Manuel Real Elementary School 2003-2004-2005
  • Business Grand Opening-Top This Fashions in Moreno Valley: Cultural Performance (Professionals/Youths) 2006
  • Etta Wanda Gardens Private Wedding Professional Performance in Rancho Cocamunga California 2006

  • Watts Health Foundation-Third World Festivals- (Professionals/Youths) 1986-2000
  • Cultural Professionals/Youths Performances at Lax Marriott Hotel- Spears Family Reunion 2000
  • Louis AME Church-African History Month Celebration at Los Angeles Trade Tech Community College; (Professional/Youths)  2000
  • Black Business Expo at Los Angeles Convention Center  Professional Performance 1999
  • Southern Edison International Youth -Professional Performance:United Way-Southern California Edison 1999
  • Arts As a Means of Healing Youth TV Production-Los Angeles Cable TV 1997
  • Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Youth Performance-Neighborhood Watch-1997
  • Hamilton Middle School; Multi-Youth Cultural Dance Concert-Long Beach California-1997
  • Family Service of Riverside-Sun City Senior Center Youth Performance-1997
  • Family Service of Riverside-Mead Valley Community Youth Performance-1997
  • Rancho Cucamonga High School; Black History Month Professional Performance-1997
  • I Hop Restaurant Open House-Black History Month Professional/Youth Performance; Compton California-1996
  • Los Angeles County Park/Recreation: Helen Keller Park-African History Month Professional/Youth Performance-1996
  • American Indian Association; Professionals/Youths-Cinco De' Mayo Celebration-Los Angeles Ca-1996
  • Arts as a Means of Healing Television Youth Performance Production;1996
  • Watts Health Foundation; Third World Festival in Los Angeles; Youths /Professionals-1996--1989
  • Korean Children Center-Youth Performance-Los Angeles-1995
  • Los Angeles Coliseum; Black Family Reunion Festival Youth/Professional Performance-1994
  • BET Network - Taste of Orange Festival-Professionals / Youths-1994
  • Watts Festival-Martin Luther Kings Hospital in Los Angeles California:Cultural Youth/Professionals Performance-1994-1992
  • Los Angeles School District: 54Street Western Avenue Elementary School; Youth Performance Workshop/After-School Program-1994-1992
  • Long Beach California Teen Post; Youth Performance Workshop:1993-1992
  • People Who Care for Youths; Youth Performance Workshop: Los Angeles California-1993-1992
  • William Grant Still Art Center-African Market Place in Los Angeles Professional Performance-
  • St. Elm's Village Festival, Youth Workshop-Arts Advocacy for at risk Youths-1993-1992
  • Watts Tower  Arts Center; Los Angeles California; Youth Performance Workshops-Arts As a Means of Healing /Arts Advocacy for at risk Youths-1993-1992.
  • Santa Monica California; Spoken Word Festival: Youth/Professional Performance (Africa via Hip Hop) 1991-1990
  • Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Youth Performances -Workshops 1997-1986
  • Los Angeles Arts Festival; City of Alhambra Cultural Professional Performance: 1991-1990
  • Compton California Cable Television/Simmons Cable Television in Long Beach California: Cultural Performance: 1996-1986
  • Los Angeles Cable Television-Media One (AT&T) Arts As a Means of Healing Performance for Youths: 1996-1989
  • William Grant Still Art Center in Los Angeles: African Market Place Cultural Performance; 1992-1989
  • Cover Girl Lounge Performance/Fashion Show: 1990-1989
  • Lamirt Park in Los Angeles Cultural Festival Performance;1991-1988
  • Los Angeles California; African Liberation Day-Marcus Garvey Festival Performance:1991-1988
  • San Diego California; Community Center Cultural Performance:1991-1988
  • Joshua's Restaurant/Night Club Cultural Performance-Los Angeles, California:1991-1988
  • Los Angeles County Park & Recreation; Jessie Owens Multicultural Performance: 1991-1988
  • Los Angeles South West Community College; Poetry Theatre in the Round Performance:1991-1988
  • California State University of Long Beach; Dance Kaleidoscope Performance: 1990-1988
Many of these Performances have been sponsored in Part by our Communities, Board of Directors Contributions, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, California Community Foundation,Los Angeles Recovery Arts Foundation, 


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