Dance is 4 Life




Our purpose is to encourage artistic empowerment to our communities through projects which are a vehicle for community expression.



  • To present Cultural and Artistic works which speak to the healing process or  assist in the revitalization of our community.
  • To promote long term relationships between communities , organizations, and professional artists.
  • To create equitable partnerships between the art community including arts organizations, non-arts organizations including businesses.
  • To Promote an understanding , cooperation and heal divisions among local populations and the community.
  • To provide our youths and children with an opportunity to explore artistic movement.
  • To share artistic works and arts education with our children through after-school programs-weekly dance /drum classes and cultural performances.
  • To assist in the prevention of the destruction in our grassroots communities, byte  and the destruction of our youth population who are at risk.
  • To introduce performance techniques,  stage techniques, and crewman-ship during our performances for our youths.
  • To provide community activism and volunteerism for the communities at large. 

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